Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14, 2013

Wow, yet another month has gone by since I posted.  Spring has been reluctant this year to say the least.  Last year at this time we had so many 80 degree days and little rain that I was able to plant a good deal of the vegetable garden already by now.  This year, all I have done outside it toss in some lettuce seeds.  I do have tomato, peppers, and some herb seeds started and today I plan on starting the cucumber seeds.  I don't even have the pump in the water feature as yet.  The trees are just starting to show signs of life and the grass is greening up.

I haven't done much in the way of Star Wars events.  I am kinda taking a vacation from doing events.  The last costume event I did was the Naperville St. Patrick's Day Parade on 3-16-13.  It was really, really cold for the parade and it even snowed a bit, but I suppose it could always be worse.

In the world of sewing, about the only thing I finished was two flags for the Bartlett 4th of July Parade.  Since we are doing a salute/farewell to the "Clone Wars", I decided to make us some Clone Wars era flags to carry in front of the Jedi and Clones for the parade.  Working with sport nylon is always a pain in the ass, and these flags were no different. They look OK from a couple feet away, but don't get too close. 

This year I decided to go to the Forest Preserve District of Will County Volunteer Banquet, something I don't usually do anymore.  It was kind of a chance to hang out with the other volunteers without a chainsaw or tank sprayer in my hands.  It is kind of strange...I have spent the last 20+ years trying to learn about plants, ecosystems, and restoration but I can honestly say that probably the most important thing I do for the District at workdays the last years is operate a chainsaw.  There are very few of us chainsaw operators left, and not much gets done at a lot of workdays without the saws going.  Yesterday I operated chainsaw for a Scout project at Thorn Creek Woods.  I have also been out sawing at HCB as we worked on some really large honeysuckles...these were practically tree sized.  I have also begun the spring task of garlic mustard spraying...never fun. 

I have also been sick the last month....a lot.  As it turns out I have an ulcer....go figure.  I spent 10 days in misery and finally did get in to a doctor.  After 2 weeks on meds, I feel better but keep wondering when the next "bout" will strike.  I have also had teeth problems that have been just driving me crazy.  The up-side to all of the stomach and teeth problems is that I haven't had the desire nor ability to eat much so I feel that I have lost weight.  I guess I will have to put on my Rebel Fleet Trooper pants to really see if I lost weight.  Those were getting a bit tight the last times I wore them.

Today we have a wildflower walk at HCB.  I am looking forward to going out to my site and just enjoying it rather than working there.  Of course, even when I plan to "enjoy", I always let the work to be done that nags at me to sour the experience.  It will also be interesting to see the site in the eyes of someone else-in this case a member of the Illinois Native Plant Society who is leading the walk.