Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

I blinked...July is gone and August is almost half over.

I have not done much in the way of anything lately, just the usual.  Spraying at the prairie, working in the garden, working on a new costume and staying home a lot.  Real estate taxes were due and I just paid them....ouch. 

Right now another big expense is in the works....a new roof on the Jeep.  The old roof rotted away and since I plan to hold onto the Jeep for as long as I can, a new roof was needed.  Here is a photo of my convertible Jeep when the old roof was removed.  The new roof is on and it looks great.  I still have to put the headliner back in.  The old headliner was a mess so it was necessary to recover the old fiberglass headliner with new padding and fabric.  It is done but just not installed yet.

I did do one Star Wars costume event last month.  We were asked to appear in Tinley Park at their "Music in the Park" series.  The real challenge was getting there.  I didn't know it as I made my way to Tinley that night, but there was a HUGE concert at the Tinley World Theater and traffic was a MESS everywhere. 

I also have been doing a little more jam making.  The chokeberries from my tree were ripe so I made jam from them.  I think I might have picked them a little early but the birds were circling and that usually means things are getting ripe.

The costume I am working on is a Y-Wing Pilot.  What an exercise in frustration.  Many of the pieces I already had and I am not going to do the helmet.  The helmet is optional and they can be very expensive.  Since I doubt that I will wear this costume much, I could not see spending the money on it.

Also, I am continuing to try to sell off my Star Wars collection and it is going dismal!  I have an opportunity to get in on Cheryl's yard sale that is advertised on Craig's List so I packed up a bunch of stuff and I am heading to her place on Saturday.  I could really use the money right now to help pay for the Jeep repairs.  Cheryl did very well last weekend and she is continuing on this weekend with another yard sale.